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Your health plan has changed. Now you and your family will be able to count on the entire SAMP accredited network, discounts and benefits. Stay put for news! 

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Jurong Exclusive Concierge

Not avaitlible in English yet.

In addition to SAMP’s digital channels, which provide you with ideal support, we now have the Concierge Cell. A personalized service to resolve issues, with ancestors dedicated to the case from beginning to end of the request.

Remember: the Concierge Cell should only be activated when digital channels cannot resolve your case.

Access SAMP's app through the QRCodes below:

How to:

English step by step below the videos.

  • Click on “Telemedicina”>”Consulta Online”
  • Click on “Atendimento Imediato”
  •  Select the symptoms and click on “Iniciar Atendimento”
  •  Your service request was made. Wait for the doctor’s call
  •  Before the appointment, you can also attach exams and photos
  • To start the service, click on “Acessar”

  • Click on “Agendamento”
  • Click on “Nova Consulta”
  • Fill the option of “Local”(Location) and “Especialidade”(Specialty)
  • Select the doctor 
  • Select your preferred time
  • Check your appointment information
  •  Appoitment Scheduled

Important: All appointments are visible in the “Agendamento” tab. If you want to cancel, click on “Cancelar Consulta”.

  • Click on “Atualização Cadastral”
  • Change the necessary data and click on “Enviar”
  • Click on “Ok”, confirming that your data has been updated

  • Click on “Solicicação de Autorização”
  • Fill all fields
  • Attach files to send photo of medical order
  • Click on “Solicitar” to confirm your order

  •  Click on “Boletos”
  • View the history of due and expired payments and select the desired payment
  • You can copy the barcode or generate a 2nd copy 
  •  Click on “Permitir”(Allow)
  • There: You have access to a 2nd copy of the payment

  • Click on “Demonstrativo de Coparticipação”
  • Select which time period you want, then click on “Buscar”(Search)

  • Your search can be done by typing the specialty, the name of the doctor or the location
  • Fill all fields and click on “Buscar”(Search)
  • Click on the desired result for more information
  • Now, you have the complete information of the specialist

  • Click on the “Carteirinha Virtual”(Virtual ID Card) located on the bottom of the screen
  • Slide to view the front and back of the card

Congratulations. Now you have a dental plan. Stay put for news! 

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